Risks of Bicycle Accidents in Fort Lauderdale and Elsewhere Increase as Cities Grow

For the first time in 100 years, the cities in the United States are growing at a faster rate than the surrounding suburbs. According to MSNBC, the growth can be credited to the young adults who are looking for work in a struggling job market. Nowadays, they’re shifting away from purchasing homes and staying in their urban areas.

Today, young adults are putting off getting married, creating families and launching their careers all because of our country’s alarmingly high unemployment rates. They’re now being referred to as “generation rent.” The growth of these young lives is at a standstill and they’re looking for every way possible to cut corners and to cut expenses.

By staying in our country’s cities, they’re hanging up their keys and looking for a less expensive and more eco-friendly way to get to where they need to be. Many of our young adults have turned to bicycles. Unfortunately, with more bicycle riders along our city’s roadways we’re also facing higher risks for bicycling accidents in Fort Lauderdale and in other large cities across the country.

The youth today is putting off suburban home ownership and they’re looking for less commitment in their living situations. They want cheaper rent. They want less commitment. They want better location. They’re also relying on public transportation and bicycles in search of potential jobs in larger cities. Our Fort Lauderdale accident attorneys understand that with more people staying in the city we’ve got higher volumes of traffic and higher risks for accidents. Drivers are asked to be cautious of bicyclists of all ages. During this time of the year, our young adults are on summer break from school and are hopping on their bikes and pedaling their way to a brighter future.

The last time that the population growth of big cities was greater than their surrounding suburban areas was before 1920. This was also before automobiles were mass produced.

“I just like being connected to everything down here – concerts, work, restaurants, all of it. This is where everything’s at,” said Jaclyn King, a city resident who bikes six miles to her job every day.

Most large cities saw a growth of more than 1 percent in 2011, while suburban areas nearby saw much less. In all, city growth in 2011 equaled or surpassed that of suburbs in roughly 33 of the nation’s 51 large metro areas. That’s in comparison to only five during the last 10 years.

With the growth in large city populations, we’re seeing more congestion on our roadways. With that we’re seeing more and more fatal traffic accidents. While we’re all sharing the same areas we might as well do our part to make them safer. Motorists are asked to be cautious of one another and to keep an eye out for our more vulnerable travelers, including bicyclists and pedestrians. Safer roadways and a safer neighborhood start with you.

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