Pedestrian and Bicycle Accidents in Broward Country Along A1A Concern Locals

State Road A1A is a tough road to travel down with everyone driving around thinking it’s their own. It’s a scenic route through both Broward and Palm Beach counties. Llined with swanky restaurants, public beaches, tall condominium towers and sprawling mansions, it’s a hot spot for pedestrians, joggers, bicyclists and tourists. Unfortunately, this beautiful area is a common place for pedestrian and bicycle accidents in Broward County.

Fort Lauderdale accident lawyers understand that police agencies in the area are trying to make A1A a little safer for everyone and they’re reaching out for help. There was a meeting that was recently held among nonprofit groups, government transportation agencies and law enforcement officials to just to determine ways to calm travelers in this roadway and help to prevent some of the accidents. Bicycle clubs will be invited to the meetings soon then residents will be called in. According to Lt. Hal Hutchins with the Ocean Ridge police, the goal of these meetings is to enforce safe traveling education from Jacksonville to Miami.

The task force, the Broward-Palm Beach Coastal Community Traffic Coalition, is bringing in reps from the state Department of Transportation, the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, Boca Raton, Highland Beach and Delray Beach, the Broward Sheriff’s office and nonprofit groups to work on these making our roadways issues.

Right now, the speed limit on that two-lane road is 35 miles per hour. Each city along the roadway has its own safety features and they vary from area to area. Some have a plethora of crosswalks for bicyclists and pedestrians and others even offer limited beach access to residents and visitors. Some have designated bike lanes, other don’t. In the state of Florida, motorists are required to give bicyclists three feet of room between their vehicle and a bike to help prevent accidents. Unfortunately, this is a law that many drivers fail to obey.

With all of these changes along A1A, accidents are a commonality. From just 2006 to 2010, there were more than 300 pedestrians and cyclists who were involved in traffic accidents along this road in just Palm Beach and Broward counties.

This is a number that’s scaring a lot of these travelers as well as law enforcement officials as the number of people biking to work recent increased by nearly 60 percent just from 2000 to 2009.

According to Bret Baronak, coordinator for the Palm Beach County Metropolitan Planning Organization, this roadway brings out more bicyclists than any other roadway in Palm Beach or Broward counties. He is hoping that the task force keeps on going and becomes an important and permanent group that meets regularly to update residents, visitors, motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians on laws regarding all travelers on our roadways.

He says that throwing up signs in the areas is not the answer. Motorists oftentimes disregard signs. He suggests that more education and awareness efforts kickoff this program and help to increase safe along A1A.

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