Lauderdale Bicycle and Pedestrian Accidents Often Caused by Distracted Drivers

We’re losing thousands each and every year and it’s all a result of dangerous driving habits — distracted driving in particular. While some might not think it’s dangerous, the results can be deadly.

In 2010, we lost more than 3,000 people in distracted driving accidents. Another 420,000 were injured. These numbers might actually be much higher as officials don’t think that all of the accidents are reported as involving distraction. And that’s why officials with the National Safety Council (NSC) are using the entire month of April to help to get drivers to hang up the phone.

Our Fort Launderdale accident attorneys understand National Distracted Driving Awareness Month carries a message we all need to hear. The problem is that many drivers say that they know the possible consequences of distracted driving, yet many of them aren’t willing to make the proper changes to reduce the risks.

You can start off this month by taking the pledge to drive cell free. Get your friends and family members to pledge along with you, too.

After you’ve done that, officials with the NSC have a few other tips to get your National Distracted Driving Awareness Month underway:

-Put away the cell phone when you’re behind the wheel. Turn it off, toss it in the glove compartment or throw it in the back seat.

-Get more familiar with the risks of cognitive distractions. The more you know, the less likely you’ll be to engage in this potentially dangerous driving habit.

-Talk with your friends. Let the people around you know about the dangers that are associated with distracted driving.

-If you call someone who is driving, let them know it’s no big deal to call them back once they’ve come to a safe stop.

This campaign is especially important here in the state of Florida since we are one of the last states in the country to enact any kind of distracted driving laws. Drivers in the state of Florida can take their attention off the well and place it on cell phones all they want. This is why we see so many of these kinds of accidents year after year. It’s important that drivers throughout the state understand these risks and embrace National Distracted Driving Awareness Month. The safe of everyone here relies on it.

“I am on a mission to get all 50 states to pass legislation to end the dreaded epidemic of distracted driving,” said USDOT’s Ray LaHood.

But Florida doesn’t seem to be listening. Step up, sign the pledge and hang up the phone behind the wheel. We don’t need a law to tell us what’s right and wrong.

“People have to realize that it’s that message that you have to get across, that might be the last message you send,” said Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) spokesman Joe Sanchez.

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