Miami-Fort Lauderdale Ranks in Top 5 Most Dangerous Areas in Nation to Drive

The Miami-Fort Lauderdale area was recently named one of the most dangerous areas to drive in the United States. You are more likely to die in a car accident in Florida than most other states in the country. A recent government report looked at accident and fatality rates in some of the nation’s most populated areas and comprised a list of some of the most dangerous. The state of Florida holds two of the top 5 most dangerous areas in the country, according to WebMD.

Our Fort Lauderdale personal injury lawyers understand that car accidents continue to be the number one cause of death for Americans. In just 2009, there were nearly 34,500 people killed in these accidents. More than 20 percent of the people killed in these accidents were between the ages of 15- and 24-years-old. Many of these fatalities are completely preventable. Drivers and other motorists are urged to keep safety as a number one priority and take all of the necessary safety precautions to help to avoid one of these tragedies. You’re to abide by all road laws, make sure you’re buckled during ever car ride and avoid driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

The overall rate of accident fatalities in the U.S. was just more than 11 per 100,000 residents. Some of Florida’s ranks tallied in at nearly 19.5 per 100,000.

Some of the most dangerous areas to drive in:

-Orlando, Florida
-Memphis, Tennessee
-Glendale, Tennessee
-Miami, Florida
-Las Vegas, Nevada
Researchers also made a list of the safest areas to drive in. Unfortunately, the state of Florida didn’t make it in the list.

Some of the safest areas to drive in:

-Boston, Massachusetts
-Buffalo, New York
-Cleveland, Ohio
-Hartford, Connecticut

-Newark, New Jersey
In the state of Florida, there were nearly 235,500 accidents in 2010. This means that there were about 650 accidents every day. In these accidents, there were nearly 1,500 people who were killed and another 195,100 people injured. There were also another 108,355 property-only accidents in the state. Some of the most common causes of these accidents were alcohol-impaired drivers, drug-impaired drivers and speeding drivers. There were also about 400 motorcyclists killed and nearly 100 teen drivers lost in these accidents, according to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV).

It wasn’t only motorists who were at risks in these accidents either. Pedestrians accounted for nearly 500 of these fatalities in 2010 and bicyclists accounted for another 100.

Drivers are asked to be cautious out there. As we head into season we’re going to see an increase in vehicular traffic. Risks for accidents are only going to climb during this time.

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