Pedestrian and Bicyclist Hit by Nighttime Driver

Fort Lauderdale police officers have released the name of one of two men who were hit in a recent accident. According to CBS Miami, the accident happened just after 8:30 p.m. when a driver heading east on Broward Boulevard slammed into a pedestrian and then into a bicyclist.

Here’s how it happened: When the man turned to figure out what he struck in the first accident, he slammed into a bicyclist. The pedestrian died before emergency responders arrived at the scene. The bicyclist was taken to Broward Health Medical Center and treated for various injuries.

Our Fort Lauderdale pedestrian accident lawyers understand that bicyclists and pedestrians are awfully common along our South Florida roadways. Unfortunately, safe and responsible drivers are harder to come by. This is especially true once the sun sets. As a matter of fact, fatal accidents are more likely to happen during the evening and early-morning hours than during any other time of the day.

Driving at night can be risky business, and many drivers do not take into account that it can present hazards that are not present during daytime driving.

Driving at night is a common risk factor for all drivers, but it is particularly dangerous for young drivers. Distracted driving, speeding, motorists who don’t use a seat belt use and alcohol use are also among the most common dangers. But nighttime ranks as one of the most dangerous for our youngest motorists out there, and this is mostly because of a combination of the visibility challenges caused by dark conditions, slower response time brought about by fatigue, and a lack of experience driving after dark.

But just because we’re not teenager doesn’t mean we’re off the hook. Drivers of all ages suffer some serious obstacles when driving at night. Drivers are not able to see roadway dangers as easily as they are during the daylight hours. Unfortunately, because drivers cannot see the dangers, they drive as if they do not exist. The truth of the matter is that those dangers are still present. About 90 percent of a driver’s reaction depends on vision, and vision is severely limited at night. Depth perception, color recognition, and peripheral vision are compromised after sundown.

Consider This: Traffic fatality rates are three times greater at night than during the day, according to the National Safety Council (NSC). Yet many of us are unaware of night driving’s special hazards or don’t know effective ways to deal with them.

When you’re behind the wheel at night, make sure that you keep an eye on your speed and keep your distance from other vehicles and objects. Use your headlights from sunset until sunrise and during periods of rain or snow. When in doubt as to whether you should use your lights, turn them on. Nighttime driving can be safe, if you’re safe behind the wheel.

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