Road Design Causing Pedestrian and Bicycle Accidents in Broward and Miami-Dade

Attention has been shifted to bicycle and pedestrian accidents in Miami and the surrounding areas once again. After a number of recent accidents, like the death of the bicyclist on the Rickenbacker Causeway, officials are looking again at what may be done to help make our roadways safer for all travelers.

Within the 2012 Benchmarking Report on bicycling and walking in the United States, Florida was ranked as the most dangerous state in the country for bicycling and pedestrian accidents. We’ve previously reported about just how dangerous our roadways are for all travelers, but especially for bicyclists and pedestrians. How many catastrophic accidents do we need to experience before something is done?

Our Fort Lauderdale pedestrian accident attorneys know that bicycle accidents and pedestrian accidents are reported regularly through reports from the Florida Department of Transportation. In the 2010 statistics, Miami-Dade was ranked number one with nearly 43,300 traffic-related accidents. Coming in second was Broward County with more than 26,230. Both areas were about even with their number of bicycle accidents. When we’re talking pedestrian accidents, Miami-Dade ranked higher than Broward. Miami-Dade is more populous than Broward, so it’s to be expected that the number of accidents is higher.

What’s apparent in these statistics is that cars are going too fast and drivers aren’t paying attention. As a result, bicyclists and pedestrians are paying the price. There’s hope though, if city officials take precautionary steps that can help knock a little sense into drivers.

Tips to Safer Roadways, according to the Miami Herald:

-Reduce current speed limits and enforce these new reductions.

-Create citywide bicycle improvements. Recognize that this form of transportation can be healthy, enjoyable and an economical way to get around town for residents and visitors of all ages.

-Consider widening sidewalks and narrowing traffic lanes to slow vehicular traffic down and encourage more people to bike and walk to their destination. Sidewalks can also provide convenience to public transit.

-Install more traffic signals at busy intersections to help pedestrians and bicyclists to safely cross the road.

-Build more efficient public transportation systems. These systems help to get cars and trucks off of our roadways, help to relieve congestion and help to offer commuters transportation choices.

The current design of our streets is one clue as to why drivers behave the way they do. Our streets are wide, fast and dangerous. This design does exactly what we need to fight against, quick, dangerous travel. Until alternative modes of transportation can be used throughout the city, these kinds of accidents are bound to plague our roadways.

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