Broward Pedestrian Accident Attorneys Urge Caution over Thanksgiving Holiday

There are millions who are expected to travel 50 miles or more from their home over the long Thanksgiving holiday weekend. As a matter of fact, the South Florida Business Journal reports that the Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport is expected to be the 10th busiest airport in the nation over this holiday weekend, despite the fact that air travel is expected to decline more than 1.5 percent from last year.

While we may have one of the busiest airports, it’s important to remember that traveling by vehicle is going to be the most popular way to get around during this time. According to Tampa Bay Newspapers, there are going to be more than 2 million Floridians traveling at least 50 miles from their home over the holiday weekend. Nationwide, it’s a near 1 percent increase in travel from last year.

Our Fort Lauderdale pedestrian accident lawyers understand that our roadways are going to be hectic during the holiday weekend. But our parking lots and driveways are going to be even worse! This is where a pedestrian accident frequently occurs.

Not only do we have to worry about residents enjoying their day off of work, but we also have young drivers out of school and snowbirds heading south during this time. For these reasons, car accident numbers typically spike over the holiday.

“Although leisure travel is forecast to make just modest gains from last year, it’s still a positive sign to see growth for the fourth year in a row,” said Brent Hubele, with AAA.

Officials predict that 90 percent of travel is going to be done on our roadways. Gas prices are dropping and more people are driving. And with more people driving, we’re asking you to make cautious driving a holiday priority. We’re here to offer you some safe travel tips to help keep you and all other travelers safe during this hectic time of year.

Broward Thanksgiving Travel Safety:

-Make sure you get plenty of sleep before heading out.

-Avoid driving during times when your body would normally be sleeping.

-Fill up your gas tank. Never head out on a long trip without a full tank.

-Check the fluids under the hood and check your tire pressure before heading out.

-Keep an emergency kit in your vehicle. Keep basic tools in case of a breakdown, keep a first-aid kit, a blanket, a flashlight, some cash and some nonperishable food items.

-Keep your eyes on the road. Cell phones and driving aren’t a good mix. If you need to use the phone, have a passenger handle it or pull over and stop before dealing with the business.

-Leave for your destination with plenty of time to spare. You want to avoid rushing at all costs. Be ready for congestion and delays out there.

Officials with the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) suggest that drivers on the Florida Turnpike take a “Safety Break” if they start to feel tired. On the day before Thanksgiving, drivers can stop at the restaurant or the gas station at the service plazas and help themselves to a free cup of coffee. You can also get it on 11:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. on Wednesday the 21st, Sunday the 25th and Monday the 26th.

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