Bicyclist Hit Twice on Same Broward Road, Second Accident Fatal

Each and every day, bicyclists and pedestrians are hit by irresponsible drivers. Unfortunately, many of these accidents forever change the life of the rider.

There are those cases though, in which a victim is lucky enough to survive. Take the case of Christopher McConnell for example. According to the Sun Sentinel, he was hit by a passing van while he was riding his bicycle down Sheridan Road. The collision left him with various injuries to his shoulder and his pelvis, with a number of broken ribs and with a gash in his head that needed 30 stitches. McConnell wasn’t going to let the accident stop him. He’s pushed through rehab and made it back onto a bicycle in just a matter of weeks.

“He was lucky to be alive,” said John Jones, McConnell’s long-time friend. “But he loved bicycling and he loved the guys he rode with. It was a big part of his life.”

Our Fort Lauderdale bicycle accident attorneys understand that McConnell wasn’t done facing the risks of bicycling in the area though. Unfortunately, encounters with motor-vehicle traffic aren’t a one-time experience for cyclists in the area. McConnell’s life was taken when he was hit a second time on Sheridan Road. This time he was hit by a car that was being driven by a burglary suspect. According to Broward Sheriff’s homicide investigators, the driver of the fleeing car was driving at speeds near 110 miles per hour.

McConnell wasn’t the only victim in this accident. One of his riding friends, Dean Amelkin from Coral Springs, was killed in the collision as well. These gentlemen rode their bikes every weekend and pedaled to the beach for breakfast.

The fatal bicycle accident happened just after 7:00 a.m. when the fleeing driver sped through a red light at the intersection of Palm Avenue and Sheridan road. The car slammed into another vehicle, sending it right into the path of the cyclists.

The two killed in the accident died on impact. The other two bicyclists that they were with were not injured.

The runaway driver jumped out of his car after the collision and was later found by officials. He is currently facing two counts of first-degree murder along with charges from the burglary that started the whole chase.

The entire community is feeling the loss of these beloved residents. Both of the men were owners of small business in the area. To recognize their lives and their contributions to the community, friends and family members help a memorial service for the two.

Drivers give riders too little respect, often with deadly results. The truth of the matter is that cyclists need to fend for themselves on our roadways. Make your presence known and steer clear of vehicular traffic whenever possible.

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