Client Reviews

From New York City over the phone service

Mr. Ansara is amazing, I called him from New York City over the phone and he provided service as if I was there in his home state, I didn't have a credit card so I mailed him a check, he was quick about everything and always answered my calls and spoke to me on my level of education, Mr. Ansara kept me informed on everything I needed to know, and his price is reasonable, I hope I never need him again, but if I did he would be the one that I would hire and like to have on my side, very kind, patient and understanding, down to earth kind of guy, and very knowledgeable

by Ernest

The man

Twice I had problems with the law and twice he took care of me. A no nonsense kind of Lawyer. If you want your problems to go away, look no further. This guy is your Lawyer. I love you Rick, thx for all your help.

by Jorge

Suspended license

Rich Ansara has been a lawyer that i could count on. From criminal to personal injury he has been a winner. A defense attorney well worth whatever the amount is and whatever the case maybe he has been a winner. He has a group of very knowlegeable associates and know the system and how things operate within the courthouse too. I am very greatful to know him as a person and my attorney. My recent outcome from these charges have the state dropping all charges against me and i strongly believe in Rich and the law firm.

by Bruce

Honest and Specific...

Mr. Ansara was friendly, direct and specific from start to finish about everything involved from interacting with me directly, returning calls promptly, and delivering on a positive outcome which after analyzing my case was easily able to explain and pinpoint our advantages on the day of trial. For this I'm truly thankful and fortunate to have worked with him and would recommend him highly to anybody looking for a down-to-earth attorney that delivers results.

by Virgil

Couldn't have asked for more

Richard was thorough, patient and went above and beyond to make a hard time for my family a little more bearable. We could tell from the first consultation that we didn't have to worry, he took care of my son and his case as if he were taking care of a family member. I pray we never need a criminal defense attorney again, but if we do, there is NO doubt who we're going to!

by Amy

Exceptional Lawyer

My experience with Richard was very pleasant. He is not just a lawyer, he's a human being capable of sympathy and understanding while remaining professional at the same time. He is very knowledgeable of the court system and an effective attorney. I will definitely choose him again as my lawyer in the future, if the need should arise. He's an exceptional lawyer, confident, reliable and friendly. I would highly recommend his services to anyone in need. I'm lucky to have found him!

by Mayte Almeida

From Stalker to Stalked

When falsely accused of stalking, my career and reputation stood at the mercy of a system known to be unkind to minorities. Everything I worked for and everything I hoped to become was threatened. I called The Ansara Law Firm 48 hours before my hearing and talked to Alan Siegel. I told him my story, shared my anxiety, and expressed my disillusionment with a system that allows for unsubstantiated accusations to not only have space in the legal system but to be used as a weapon against people's livelihood. Alan asked me to come to his office, offering to stay late--well past 7pm. I agreed; and after meeting with him, I had my legal representation. Alan gave me confidence and hope. He assured me that he and Richard Ansara knew the process, knew the nuances that escalated and de-escalated cases like mine, knew how to counter attack the charges, and knew the personality of the judge presiding over my case. "Hire us," he said "and go home and sleep easy!"

On the day of my hearing, I walked in the courthouse with family and friends that would testify on my behalf. The courthouse was packed and divided between accusers and accused. As I walked through the mass to sign in, I saw my accuser, the other lawyer, and their court-reporter. They stared back at me with an aura of confidence and anticipation. Despite my innocence, I was scared and uncertain.

Richard Ansara arrived ten minutes later. While lawyers waited and lounged next to their clients, Richard walked in and immediately began working. First we talked, then he greeted the Sheriffs, the clerks, and the interns. He peered into the courtroom, took note of the court schedule, and talked to other lawyers. Unlike everyone else (including other lawyers) who sat waiting, he took control of the environment. It seemed like this was his domain, his territory, and he was comfortable in it. He approached my accuser's lawyer and asked to speak in a quiet area. Alone, Richard proceeds to tell this confident lawyer why he will lose this case, how he will lose this case, and describes the manner in which he will lose this case. Richard took control and shook the other lawyers confidence! Within one hour and before stepping one foot into the courtroom, where anything could happen, my accuser agreed to not only dismiss the charges but also walk the other way if ever seeing me on the street. In less than 48 hours of being accused of stalking, I had become the stalked and had a signed declaration from my accuser implying it! The Ansara firm saved my career and salvaged my reputation! Thank you, Alan! Thank you, Richard! Hiring your firm was one of the best decisions I have made. To all seeking legal counsel, I wholeheartedly recommend The Ansara Law Firm. Hire them and sleep easy!!

by anonymous

Dui Crimnal

I had a dui case and Mr. Ansara made it go as smooth as possible. He was able to time everything so I could get a new company up and running without the dui effecting my ability to drive. He also has gone well out of his way to handle other small legal matters without asking for a dime! He answers his phone and always has a stream lined solution to any problem.

by Sean

Excellence in all aspects!

The five star review of their law firm was an early indicator of their excellence. However, since we live in Chicago and could not have in-person consultation I called to speak to them to decide for myself. From the very first conversation both Richard and Alan have assured me that not only will they be able to resolve my husband's almost ten year old DUI case but they will do it in a timely manner. Richard has also advised us on how to proceed with this case as it will later relate to my husband's separate immigration case. Everything was resolved on time as promised, no extra hidden fees, impeccable customer service, FULL INTEGRITY!!! Sense of humor also a plus in stressful situations. I would hire them again in a heart beat & recommend to my family and best friends. Great job Richard & Alan!

by Marta and Andy

Great Lawyer!

Mr. Ansara was referred to me by my boyfriend after getting into a car accident in January. He came highly recommended, so I decided to retain no questions asked. That was the best decision. He is very professional, and knows what he's doing. Richard definitely delivered. He told me exactly how the process worked and what I needed to do on my part. He did his part. I'm very happy with the results. I definitely recommend him to anyone looking a personal injury lawyer. You're in good hands!

by Vanessa


Well my first time hearing from the Ansara law firm was from a friend and she kept telling me how great of a lawyer he was or rather should i say is, so i gave him a call and set up a consultation and it impressed me how much he was willing to help how involved he got . Sometimes i feel that lawyers are in it just for the money but him its a different experience he actually wants to help and he doesn't settle for less . I am glad i came to visit him he's a very kind person and also when it comes down to doing his job he gets it done I'm a very satisfied customer .The Ansara firm makes you feel like a human not a criminal despite of what you did, and if by any chance something else might happen in the future i will always come back here not only because I'm happy with how he dealt with my case but because of how they treat their clients. I with out a doubt recommend him to anyone who needs a great lawyer and of course to my family and friends .

by Daniela

I found myself in a bad situation....

....and then contacted Richard Ansara and Alan Siegel. At the time I experienced fear, embarrassment, and deep concern for the future. Rich and Alan both took my case as seriously as if it were their own. They never made promises that they couldn't hope to keep nor did they fail to help me understand the case and plan for a sound defense. The process took its course, and in the end skillful representation and deep knowledge of the process prevailed with surprising and excellent results - even beyond my own hopes. Great job by the Ansara Law team. Trust. Respect.

by Alan

Highly recommend

Richard is amazing, and he truly cares about his clients! I was so desperate for someone to solve a legal issue that wasn't going away. Within a couple hours of talking with Richard he had resolved it!!!
I am so grateful to have found him. I PRAY I never need an attorney again, but if I do it will be him.

by Andrea

Great Representation: Efficient and Effective

While searching for an attorney to represent me, I found the Ansara law firm and I am certainly glad I did. With a heavy charge filed against me, I was certainly in a nervous state. Upon speaking with Richard's partner, Alan Siegel, and then Richard himself, I was surprised by their confidence. They remained calm and collected throughout the pre-filing phase and it ultimately yielded the best possible outcome, that of the charge being dismissed by the state. Both Richard and Alan have the knowledge and the drive to pursue the best possible outcome, along with the relentlessness to see it through.

by Juan R.

Great Attorney! - Hard to Find these days!

Coming from a large corporate background up north I am used to having a sharp attorney who knows how to react. Some of the strongest qualities I look for in an attorney before hiring them is their desire to please, their dedication to their client, their connections with the courthouse & an analytical mind, Richard has them all! They answered the phone when I called, represented my interests how I wanted them to be represented, and ultimate came out with the result I was looking for which was having all my charges dropped. I would recommend Richard to anyone looking for a great attorney in S. Florida. Well worth the money in my opinion!

by Rob Moczo

Absolutely Amazing Defense Lawyer

I was recommended this defense attorney by a friend and it turned out to be the absolute best thing for my case. It was the first time I had been in any trouble and had three charges filed against me. I was nervous but from the first minute meeting him I began to feel more comfortable. He was extremely smart and told me from the start he believed they would be able to get the best possible outcome for me. A month and a half later I got a call from him saying my case was going to be dismissed completely. I felt a large weight of my shoulders and never expected that outcome so quickly. Going to Richard Ansara and his staff was the absolute BEST choice I could have made. Would really recommend him to anyone in need of a defense attorney.

by Jake

Most Skilled defense lawyer

Attorney Richard Ansara represented me on a domestic abuse charge. At the hearing, you could tell the prosecutor was intimidated by Mr. Ansara. He was ruthless in his commitment to giving me the best defense and I now understand why the prosecutor was intimidated, his reputation preceded him. This is the lawyer you want fighting for YOU! His dedication and his no quit attitude makes you feel very secure when he is defending you. Thank you Attorney Richard Ansara!

by Sal

Highly recommend Ricahrd Anasara

Richard is an excellent lawyer. He was there for me and my son during the entire case even on weekends. I knew I could send him a text message and he would respond. He represented my son on all his cases even when he was arrested on the weekend. Richard showed on a Sunday. I feel really comfortable recommending Richard to anyone who is in need of legal representation. He is someone that you can talk to and he will work with you and provide the best possible results. I never had anyone stand by me and my son and he did. His partner Allen is also great. He will explain all the legal language and he will take the time to listen to all your concerns. It can be a really scary experience when you have legal issues, however Richard will help through the whole process. I don't think that any other lawyer would have done what Richard did for my son and I feel extremely blessed that my son have him as his lawyer.

by Nahomie

Excellent Representation

Richard is an incredible attorney. I had never had to seek legal advice or assistance before, and Richard made me feel immediately comfortable and cared for. Throughout the eight months of legal proceedings Richard gained my trust and confidence that he was on my side and willing to do whatever it takes to ensure I am protected. I would highly recommend Richard for anyone in need of attorney representation.

by anonymous

Gave Excellent legal advice and was very knowledgable

I came across some legal issues, and I had many questions to ask. Mr. Ansara, gladly answered them for me...on Thanksgiving day! (Talk about dedication). Mr. Ansara was very knowledgeable when it came down to the law and if my problem could be solved. Rest assured that if I have any legal issues in the future, my first call will be to Mr. Ansara!

by Brandon

I offer the highest possible recommendation for Mr. Ansara to represent anyone that requires a criminal defense attorney. That incident was the first time in my life I had to deal with court system I was scared. From the beginning he explained and walked me through exactly what kind of consequences I was facing and what his plan of action would be. Although my situation was very serious and stressful, he always made me feel that he had things under control and was on top of my case. Mr. Ansara was always available to answer questions and address any concerns I had regarding my case. I could not have asked for more, or a better outcome in my case, thank you for your gracious offer to start the process on sealing my records. Now, I can move forward with my life and start a new chapter. I am truly grateful for his knowledge, I will not hesitate to strongly recommend his services to others.

by Nancy Nelson

The best lawyer I ever had. Very efficient and professional. The staff is amazing. He took care of my case very quickly and for an affordable price.

by Fernando Jimenez

Mr. Richard Ansara did what he promised me. He said “I make it go away” and he made it go away indeed. I live overseas that made the case more complicated but that was no problem at all. When you have a problem with the law – trust him! He is consistent and determent. I am very relieved. Richard thank you for all!

by Nique Penris

I am extremely pleased with the exceptional services provided by The Ansara Law Firm. Richard walked me through the process, answered all my questions, and made it easy. He made this a positive experience for me and would highly recommend him!

by Danny Luna

Richard helped me through a very difficult experience by being communicative and available. Would recommend to anyone in need of a very good attorney.

by Arrons TV

Great attorney and person to know. Came all the way from Fort Lauderdale to help me with a civil issue in St. Petersburg. Thank you for all your help, Rick!

by Celimar De Jesus

I don't reside in Florida, but I had an unfortunate legal situation occur there. First time in my life having to seek legal advice and counsel to help me understand the legal process and the court system. I can honestly say I am beyond satisfied with the results from my case. Richard and Alan are professional, down to earth, and most importantly they take their clients situations very seriously. Being completely miles away from Florida, I was able to remain comfortable with the fact that Richard and his team were doing all they could in the best interest of me. When I finally met them in person I became even more certain that I had hired the right lawyer! My case was dismissed!!!; as promised and my burden is lifted. Thank You, for your dedication and hard work, along with being patient through it all. I'd definitely recommend their services. Great Job!

by Patriece Holcomb

After speaking with several other lawyers who told me they couldn't help me with my case, I spoke to Richard Ansara who told me with high confidence that he could do exactly what these other lawyers said they couldn't. If you're feeling like there's no hope left, I would suggest going to this law firm because they have the experience, knowledge, and resources to help you, but more than that...they WANT to help you! I'm happy to say that I can now move on from this part of my life and I'm endlessly thankful for that.

by Alex Rector

Richard is no doubt top in class. He handled my son's case professionally, thoroughly, and patiently. He really cares about hours clients and their wellbeing. He made a very hard time for our family more bearable. We knew we were in good hands and he came through with results far superior than I could've ever hoped for.

by Ay.Es.Em. Ayche

After speaking with Richard he assured us that he would get our case worked out ! Extremely Thankful, he knows exactly what he's doing.

by Silmaliah Yancy

Rick is the best lawyer I have ever dealt with. He was both professional and personable. He also had my issue resolved in a timely manner. Overall great experience working with Rick. I would recommend him to anyone looking for legal representation.

by Kyle Mccullough

I usually have a negative view about lawyers due to the fact I have worked with many as a paralegal for over 25yrs I first met richard and instantly liked him, his style and personal demeanor instantly we were on the same page and opinion regarding an inheritance I was supposed to receive from my mom we both agreed I was entitled to a trust fund and an inheritance cited in mom's codicil Richard made a few phone calls on my behalf and got not only the original bequest but asked me what I wanted out of the deal, I told him and he not only agreed but within A few days got me a settlement I felt was more than fair He not only got everything we asked for but also a little extra for my troubles he was as good as his word and did everything he said he would do! And all the while I felt at ease and comfortable with him and his professional manner believe me there are lawyers and there are lawyers Richard was the finest lawyer I have ever worked with, I consider him a friend as he took the anguish out of an emotional settlement I would recommend him to anyone with a legal issue, he was that good!

by mark eizenman

Called for legal advice in regards to probation and Richard was very straight forward and honest definitely recommend using him as an attorney.

by Monroe Merisma

I have been a client of Richard Ansara for several years now, I am pleased with his outcomes on all my cases, patience, professionalism and courteousness when I come into his office. I would definitely recommend Ansara's Law Firm to friends and family for any of their future legal needs.

by emily gutierrez

A family member got a misdemeanor on the day before leaving Florida and Alan D. Siegel was able to help us clear it all without us having to have them return to Florida! He was very thorough explaining all the options available, was always willing to answer all our questions, whenever we called. We are so very grateful for all he was able to do for us, for being such an amazing professional and for treating us with consideration and respect.

by Jackie Kovacsik

Great, knowledgeable guys. Went to them looking for insight on a lawsuit I had filed against me, they set me up a personal meeting in the the following day. Made me feel very comfortable about my situation and really did everything they could. 10/10 would recommend. They want to help you!!

by Zachary Campbell

Just wanted to say what a professional law firm "The Ansara Law Firm" was in handling my case and can't thank Richard enough for keeping me calm and letting me know the status of my case. You really do care about your clients and made me feel at ease during my legal issues!

by Andy Austin

Richard Ansara is the most professional, respectful and loyal attorney that i have met thus far. Called him about a case and never had to call him again for updates, he assured me he would resolve it and as he promised so he did, a case that could have dragged on was over in a nick of time and that is "priceless".

I value his dedication to help and resolve his clients problems, they are a great team and i highly recommend the Ansara Law Firm to anyone in need of an Attorney.

by Minnie Dilbert

Client Reviews
The man
Twice I had problems with the law and twice he took care of me. A no nonsense kind of Lawyer. If you want your problems to go away, look no further. This guy is your Lawyer. I love you Rick, thx for all your help.
Great attorney and person to know. Came all the way from Fort Lauderdale to help me with a civil issue in St. Petersburg. Thank you for all your help, Rick! by Celimar De Jesus
Highly recommend
Richard is amazing, and he truly cares about his clients! I was so desperate for someone to solve a legal issue that wasn't going away. Within a couple hours of talking with Richard he had resolved it!!! I am so grateful to have found him. I PRAY I never need an attorney again, but if I do it will be him.
by Andrea
The best lawyer I ever had. Very efficient and professional. The staff is amazing. He took care of my case very quickly and for an affordable price. by Fernando Jimenez
Richard helped me through a very difficult experience by being communicative and available. Would recommend to anyone in need of a very good attorney. by Arrons TV