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I have worked with Richard, a true professional and trusted source. He has shown great strength and ability to lead is his greatest asset. His office support team cultivates a culture that executes obtainable turnaround results. Thank you Ansara Law Office.

- Charlene Worrell

I would recommend Richard to anyone and I would hire him again with out hesitation. I did not know Richard Ansara. I found him on the internet. I live in another state so I had to trust. I left a message. I got a call back from Richard. He invested a lot of time just listening to what I needed him to do. It was not your traditional need. He told me what he felt he could accomplish. I liked his approach and the care he took in crafting his responses to me. I hired him. He went to work immediately. He always stayed in contact. I got progress reports from him on a regular basis. Richard completed the mission and did not overcharge me. His fee was more than fair and we got excellent results, just what we wanted. He seems to be a really good guy. That's important.

- A. James

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From New York City over the phone service

Mr. Ansara is amazing, I called him from New York City over the phone and he provided service as if I was there in his home state, I didn't have a credit card so I mailed him a check, he was quick about everything and always answered my calls and spoke to me on my level of education, Mr. Ansara kept me informed on everything I needed to know, and his price is reasonable, I hope I never need him again, but if I did he would be the one that I would hire and like to have on my side, very kind, patient and understanding, down to earth kind of guy, and very knowledgeable

- Ernest

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I am extremely pleased with the exceptional services provided by The Ansara Law Firm. Richard walked me through the process, answered all my questions, and made it easy. He made this a positive experience for me and would highly recommend him!

- Danny Luna

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Honest and Specific...

Mr. Ansara was friendly, direct and specific from start to finish about everything involved from interacting with me directly, returning calls promptly, and delivering on a positive outcome which after analyzing my case was easily able to explain and pinpoint our advantages on the day of trial. For this I'm truly thankful and fortunate to have worked with him and would recommend him highly to anybody looking for a down-to-earth attorney that delivers results.

- Virgil

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Richard helped me through a very difficult experience by being communicative and available. Would recommend to anyone in need of a very good attorney.

- Arrons TV

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The best lawyer I ever had. Very efficient and professional. The staff is amazing. He took care of my case very quickly and for an affordable price.

- Fernando Jimenez

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After speaking with Richard he assured us that he would get our case worked out ! Extremely Thankful, he knows exactly what he's doing.

- Silmaliah Yancy

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Exceptional Lawyer

My experience with Richard was very pleasant. He is not just a lawyer, he's a human being capable of sympathy and understanding while remaining professional at the same time. He is very knowledgeable of the court system and an effective attorney. I will definitely choose him again as my lawyer in the future, if the need should arise. He's an exceptional lawyer, confident, reliable and friendly. I would highly recommend his services to anyone in need. I'm lucky to have found him!

- Mayte Almeida

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Rick is the best lawyer I have ever dealt with. He was both professional and personable. He also had my issue resolved in a timely manner. Overall great experience working with Rick. I would recommend him to anyone looking for legal representation.

- Kyle Mccullough

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Great Lawyer!

Mr. Ansara was referred to me by my boyfriend after getting into a car accident in January. He came highly recommended, so I decided to retain no questions asked. That was the best decision. He is very professional, and knows what he's doing. Richard definitely delivered. He told me exactly how the process worked and what I needed to do on my part. He did his part. I'm very happy with the results. I definitely recommend him to anyone looking a personal injury lawyer. You're in good hands!

- Vanessa

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I usually have a negative view about lawyers due to the fact I have worked with many as a paralegal for over 25yrs I first met richard and instantly liked him, his style and personal demeanor instantly we were on the same page and opinion regarding an inheritance I was supposed to receive from my mom we both agreed I was entitled to a trust fund and an inheritance cited in mom's codicil Richard made a few phone calls on my behalf and got not only the original bequest but asked me what I wanted out of the deal, I told him and he not only agreed but within A few days got me a settlement I felt was more than fair He not only got everything we asked for but also a little extra for my troubles he was as good as his word and did everything he said he would do! And all the while I felt at ease and comfortable with him and his professional manner believe me there are lawyers and there are lawyers Richard was the finest lawyer I have ever worked with, I consider him a friend as he took the anguish out of an emotional settlement I would recommend him to anyone with a legal issue, he was that good!

- Mark Eizenman

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This lawyer is highly reccomended he knows what he's doing, on top of things and what he aims for in your case is what happens you will not regret dealing with him...thanks richard

- Jessica Linton

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Highly recommend him! Efficient, great communicator and knows what he's doing!! Resolved my case in no time.

- Tavia Mills

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Richard Ansara is the most professional, respectful and loyal attorney that i have met thus far. Called him about a case and never had to call him again for updates, he assured me he would resolve it and as he promised so he did, a case that could have dragged on was over in a nick of time and that is "priceless".

I value his dedication to help and resolve his clients problems, they are a great team and i highly recommend the Ansara Law Firm to anyone in need of an Attorney.

- Minnie Dilbert

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Highly recommend

Richard is amazing, and he truly cares about his clients! I was so desperate for someone to solve a legal issue that wasn't going away. Within a couple hours of talking with Richard he had resolved it!!!

I am so grateful to have found him. I PRAY I never need an attorney again, but if I do it will be him.

- Andrea

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Excellent Representation

Richard is an incredible attorney. I had never had to seek legal advice or assistance before, and Richard made me feel immediately comfortable and cared for. Throughout the eight months of legal proceedings Richard gained my trust and confidence that he was on my side and willing to do whatever it takes to ensure I am protected. I would highly recommend Richard for anyone in need of attorney representation.

- anonymus