Bicycle Accidents in Miami Likely with New Bike-Sharing Program

There’s going to be a new bicycle-sharing program here in Miami. According to the Miami Herald, the city’s commissioners voted 3-0 to give preliminary approval to a new ordinance that would allow for advertising on the side of these bicycle rental stations. Under the current city code, ads are prohibited from being displayed on most of the public right-of-way or city-owned fixtures.

The advertising will help to fund the project, says the director of capital improvements, Albert Sosa. Unfortunately, many safety officials believe that the project will be increasing the risks of bicycle accidents in Miami and elsewhere.

“Our program is intended to be revenue generating for the city and to be self-sustaining,” said Sosa.

Our Miami bicycle accident lawyers understand the Miami-Broward area is among the most dangerous in the nation when it comes to cycling accidents. Our areas continue to be the most dangerous spots for both pedestrian and bicyclist fatalities in the entire state year after year, according to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

Officials are working to get more bicyclists on our roadways, which safety advocates are predicting will increase the risks for these kinds of accidents. Now, all officials have to do is finalize the details. The city of Miami has also solicited a number of proposals from bike-sharing companies. There’s one company that has the lead spot for the job, but officials are not releasing the name of the bidder until the process is done.

Sosa says that this program will be setting up nearly 50 bicycle-sharing racks throughout the area. They will first be placed in the most populated areas. These bikes will help to get residents and visitors to their destinations while helping to reduce vehicular congestion on our roadways.

With more bikers along our streets, we’re warning everyone about the increased risks for accidents. We’re reminding bicyclists to be on their best behavior when traveling near motor vehicle traffic. Sosa says that the goal of the program is to get vehicles off of the road and to help residents to get healthy. One of the best ways to stay healthy is to stay safe. Make sure that you make yourself as visible as possible when riding in the area. Motor vehicle traffic and bicyclists travel in close quarters with one another. Travel harmoniously and help to keep everyone safe.

Bicycle-sharing programs have been successful in other South Florida area. This includes in both Palm Beach and Broward counties in addition to Miami Beach. With these programs comes a heavy focus on traveler safety, accompanying bike safety advertisements and awareness campaigns. Help to make our area safe for all travelers. Be safe and alert regardless of how you choose to get around.

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