Construction Site Injury

It’s no secret that those who work in the field of construction are constantly put at risk by the environment in which they work. Heavy machinery and high elevation are regular risk factors that construction workers must take into account every day on the job. Unfortunately, due to the dangerous nature of their work, thousands of construction workers suffer injuries or are killed every year while on the job. The Fort Lauderdale construction site injury lawyers at The Ansara Law Firm know that those in the construction field work hard in a dangerous environment, and believe that nobody should be left uncompensated for damages incurred while at work. The state of Florida ranks in the top 5 states with the highest number of construction worker deaths in the United States.

According to a study on safety in the construction industry done by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration in the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are four types of accidents that most frequently lead to deaths in the workplace in the field of construction, known as the “fatal four.” These four factors were the cause of 57% of total construction worker deaths in 2012:

  1. Falls: Workers who fell while on a construction site and suffered fatal consequences account for 36% of the 57% of total construction worker deaths. Falls from high elevation or onto hazardous materials can lead to the death of construction workers. Workers can fall through holes in the floor, through scaffolding, ladders, windows, mechanical lifts, and other types of equipment designed to allow people to work on things that are high up.
  2. Strikes by Falling Objects: Falling objects that strike and kill workers account for 10% of “fatal four” construction deaths. Heavy objects that gain momentum and fall from elevated heights can gain lots of speed that can prove to be deadly when they come in contact with a construction worker’s person. A construction site injury attorney can help Fort Lauderdale families seek compensation for the loss of a loved one.
  3. Electrocutions: Electricity is a dangerous force of nature than mankind has managed to manipulate and utilize. When the safety components of electrical equipment malfunction, electrical currents can be deadly to those in contact with them. Electrocutions tallied in at 9% of construction worker fatalities.
  4. Caught Between Objects: These scenarios comprise 2% of construction worker fatalities. When dealing with heavy equipment and materials, getting caught between them could crush limbs or even cause death.

Of all deaths in the workplace surveyed by OHSA in 2012, the construction industry was the most deadly, accounting for roughly 20% of all workplace fatalities. That’s more than the number of deaths in 2012 in agriculture, forestry, fishing, hunting, mining, quarrying, and oil & gas extradition combined. There are all kinds of hazards on construction sites, and every worker deserves to be protected. The Fort Lauderdale construction site injury attorneys at The Ansara Law Firm have handled countless injury cases with nothing but great results for our clients. In modern society everyone who seeks the means to provide for themselves and their family financially will be hired to perform a job and receive money in exchange. Some people risk their lives every day to do just that, and the team at The Ansara Law Firm work to make sure that they are protected by those who oversee the environment in which they work. Due to the inherent dangers present on construction sites, injuries in the field of construction could cause permanent disability or disfigurement that inhibits people’s ability to work. Don’t leave your future up to chance. Hire The Ansara Law Firm to make sure that you are protected and that you receive just compensation for any damages incurred on the job.

If you or a loved one were recently seriously or fatally injured on a construction site in the Fort Lauderdale area, call the construction site injury lawyers at The Ansara Law Firm immediately at (954) 761-4011 to greatly increase your chances of compensation.

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