Trampoline Accident

Trampolines are a part of childhood for many children across the world. They may be fun and enjoyable, however people must be very careful when using them because they can be very dangerous. 93% of trampoline injuries are sustained by children, often with broken arms, legs or ankles. According to the Indiana University School of Medicine, trampolines sent 1 million people to the emergency room for their injuries between 2002 and 2011, nearly 300,000 of which involving broken bones and fractures. Trampolines are inherently dangerous, as they stand a few feet off the ground with the sole purpose of launching people up into the air. Injuries from this kind of situation are basically inevitable, especially when you’re dealing with kids. Trampolines are so dangerous that a lot of homeowners’ insurance policies will not cover households with a trampoline on the premise due to a high degree of liability associated with them. If you or your child were recently injured on a trampoline, contact the South Florida personal injury attorneys at The Ansara Law Firm to discuss your legal options and to find out if you could potentially be entitled to financial compensation for your damages.

Injuries from trampolines are unfortunately very commonplace due to the inherent risk associated with the activity itself. Commonly sustained injuries from trampolines include:

  • Broken bones
  • Concussions
  • Dislocations
  • Sprains and Strains
  • Bruises
  • Head and neck injuries

Trampolines are considered to be high-risk items by some homeowner’s insurance companies because of the high chances of injury that are associated with them. Every company has different policies. Some allow their customers to have them but will not cover any injury that results from trampoline usage, and some refuse coverage entirely if the household has a trampoline. Companies put these protections in place so that they are not required to remit payment for medical expenses incurred by a child who injured himself on a trampoline. Trampoline liability suits are a lot more complicated than simple slip-and-fall cases. To win a case, the injured must prove that the owner acted in a negligent manner, and that the injured did not assume the risk of injury in performing the task of jumping on trampoline. If the injured can prove these two things in court, the owner might find himself in a tough situation.

Proving that the trampoline owner acted negligently breaks down into three parts. First, if a homeowner did not take proper care of the trampoline and allowed it to become dangerous. For example, if a homeowner’s trampoline has holes in the flexible material which causes a child to fall through onto the hard ground, then the owner will most likely be held liable. Secondly, it is a parent’s duty to prevent children from accessing something dangerous like a swimming pool or a trampoline on their own. This is referred to in tort law as the attractive nuisance doctrine, which means that landowners who have an object that is attractive to children on their property that they must exercise a greater deal of care to ensure their safety than a landowner with no such object on his/her property. Thus, some kind of fencing should be put in place so that children can not directly access the trampoline without assistance from the owner. Lastly, the homeowner must provide children with supervision when they use the trampoline. If supervision was not exercised in an instance in which a child was injured on a trampoline, then the owner could be found to have acted negligently and subsequently held liable.

If you or your child was recently injured on a trampoline, you could be entitled to financial compensation to assist with any medical bills and related pain and suffering from the incident. The Fort Lauderdale personal injury attorneys at The Ansara Law Firm have over a decade of experience with injury cases with nothing but stellar results. You shouldn’t have to suffer emotionally and financially when your child is injured as a result of someone’s negligent behavior or defective equipment. Call our attorneys for a consultation to discuss your legal options.

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