Business Alliance Requests Funds to Better Protect Pedestrians in Fort Lauderdale

The 13th Street Business Alliance of Fort Lauderdale recently voted to hold off on the project to install pedestrian street lamps in the area. According to the Sun Sentinel, the Alliance decided that they were going to wait until the application for county funding goes through before making a move. That’s not expected to be completed until later in the fall.

“They’re expensive, and we’ve already had the money appropriated for them,” said Tim Smith, president of the 13th Street Business Alliance. “But we’re applying for Broward County money and it’s likely we’ll have to match it.”

Our Fort Lauderdale pedestrian accident lawyers understand the importance of these lamps. Lights help to make pedestrians more visible to passing motorists. All too often, walkers are overlooked by motorists and find themselves in serious, if not fatal, accidents because of it. Our city needs to do everything it can to help pedestrian traffic. The state of Florida, especially the South Florida area, continues to be ranked one of the most dangerous areas for pedestrians in the entire country.

Back in January, the Community Redevelopment Agency was looking at this part of Fort Lauderdale for improvements to make traffic flow more smoothly and to make the area more pedestrian-friendly. Unfortunately, funding is an issue. Since then, the Alliance has appealed to the County Commission and to the City and has requested whatever funds might be available to the area.

Smith said they’re ready to do anything that they have to just to get their hands on funding. It’s a necessity and the area needs improvement for the safety of travelers.

The city of Fort Lauderdale has put up nearly $80,000 from its Business Capital Improvement Program. Smith says getting money from the county is another story, a long and drawn out story. He hopes that this will soon come to an end when the alliance presents their proposition in just a few months.

The treasurer of the Alliance, Mark Hensel, says that they just want safer areas for travelers. He adds that it’s clear that the area needs help. He says it should be no big deal if the Community Redevelopment Agency were to do its job; properly tax the area so that funds could be pumped back into it to make is better for all.

Smith says they’re not asking for much, only what they deserve. He said the area owes it to their residents. All they want is better lighting, more parking and safer pedestrian walkways and they’re ready to do whatever they have to to get their hands on it.

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