Broward Cycling Safety: New Campaign Working to Protect Riders

The state of Florida is known for having the deadliest roads in the country. A number of bicyclists who have experienced the dangers of these roadways firsthand have decided to launch a campaign to raise awareness about the vulnerable travelers, bicyclists and pedestrians, in the state.

The campaign is also working to get government officials to better plan street design, to create more bike paths and to get more enforcement from law enforcement officials, according to the Sun Sentinel. It’s all about changing the travel mindset of the area. We’ve all got to be more aware of one another on our roads. We’re all one big Florida family and we all need to respect fellow travelers.

“We’re trying to change the habits of the drivers as well as bicyclists and pedestrians,” said Eric Carr with the Florida DOT.

Our Fort Lauderdale bicycle accident attorneys understand that the number of overall traffic fatalities has decreased in recent years, but not the number of pedestrian fatalities. With the year-round warm weather that we have throughout the state, pedestrian and bicyclists are at increased risk. In all areas, more pedestrians and bicyclists means more accidents, more injuries and more fatalities.

The new campaign is funded by nearly $8 million in both state and federal grants. Through it, there are four Es to get the message across: Engineering. Education. Enforcement. Emergency Services.

Bicycle Accident Stats, 2010:

-Broward County: 554 injured and 5 killed.

-Palm Beach County: 367 injured and 4 killed.

Bicycle Accident Characteristics, 2010:

-Bicycles were most likely hit in the front. Very rarely were bicycles struck from the back.

-About half of all reported bicycle accidents happened at intersections or were influenced by intersections.

-More than 25 percent of the vehicles that were involved in bicycle accidents were turning right at the time of the accident. About 10 percent involved were making a left-hand turn and about 45 percent were heading straight.

-Nearly 80 percent of the bicyclists that were involved in accidents were heading straight.

-Careless driving and neglecting to yield on the part of the vehicle driver was listed as the cause of accident in about a quarter of all fatalities.

-Careless driving and neglecting to yield on the part of the bicyclist was listed as the cause of the accident in more than 15 percent of accidents.

The campaign consists of billboards, TV ads and bus stop ads in four targeted areas that consistently place among the top 10 in pedestrian and bicycle deaths in the country: South Florida, Tampa and St. Petersburg, Orlando and Jacksonville. The message is simple: “Alert today, alive tomorrow.”

You’re asked to join in on the spirit of the campaign and to stay alert when traveling, regardless of how you get around. We all need to pay attention to one another to keep our Florida roads safe and our Florida family safer.

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