Pedestrian Hit and Killed at Miami International Airport Terminal

pedestrian was killed in a recent accident at the Miami International Airport. According to 7 News, the pedestrian was exiting Concourse H when the accident happened around noon. The victim, who was returning from a business trip, was pronounced dead at the scene. Investigators are currently looking into the accident, trying to determine the answers to two very important questions:

-Did the pedestrian look both ways to make sure that it was safe to cross?

-Did the driver check the crosswalk before proceeding across?

Our Miami pedestrian accident lawyers understand that this isn’t the first accident of its kind in the area in recent months. According to South Florida airport officials, there have been two other fatal accidents in just the last 10 months. Back in May, a woman was run over by a bus at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport after she reportedly tripped on a curb. Earlier in December, a tour bus slammed into an overpass at the Miami International Airport. Three people on that bus were killed.

Regarding these accidents, Lauren Stober, Director of Security with Miami International Airport, says that there are measures in place to deal with all emergency scenarios. While they continue to pride themselves on their dedication to passenger safety, it’s unfortunate to continue to see these deadly accidents.

The most important of the pedestrian safety tips involve things that the pick-up and drop-off drivers can address. For instance, they should strive to ensure that drivers are aware of pedestrians.

In many of these areas, you can find pedestrian safety signs. It’s critical that these signs are visible to all passing motorists. But they’re no use if drivers aren’t paying attention. Since vehicles cannot stop and wait for arrivals/departures, they’re forced to circle the area until their party arrives/departs. When cars stop for prolonged periods in these areas, it can make it tough for emergency or safety vehicles to access the area if necessary. Congestion causes confusion and both of these cause accidents.

Many times, while drivers are circling, they will realize that they’re in the wrong lane at the last minute. This will cause them to make sudden movements behind the wheel — oftentimes without checking their surroundings. But not only is it the pedestrians they’re worried about. They’re also worrying about other vehicles, both stopped and stopping, in the area. To try to steer clear of these issues, airports and appropriate personnel must invest time and money into installing adequate signage to notify drivers which lane they need to be in.

With so much going on near terminals and drop-off points at airports across the country, and especially at our busy Miami International Airport, it is critical for drivers to be aware of their surroundings — at all times. You’ve got to always be ready for a pedestrian to cross, at any location. Traffic can be unpredictable, but you’ve got to be ready.

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