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A motorcycle accident effectively ended the football career of a UCLA offensive lineman seven years ago in California. Amir Ekbatani’s leg was severed when a taxi van driver who failed to yield the right-of-way while making a left turn. The impact of the collision severed the football player’s left leg. He would undergo a total of 13 surgeries and he know walks with a prosthesis. He is fortunate to have emerged from the wreckage with his life. motorcycle

But now, it’s not just the other motorist whom he blames. It is also the State of California, the government agency responsible for maintaining the road on which the crash occurred. Specifically, he alleges poor road design that made it difficult for the taxi driver to see the plaintiff as he traveled north on the state highway.

There had reportedly been numerous complaints made to the state’s Department of Transportation regarding the condition of the intersection, but the government agency failed to take action, according to the injury lawsuit.  Continue reading

Community growth can be seen in almost every area in South Florida. This growth means we need to expand our roads, update our bridges and install new traffic features. All of this involves construction as a near constant element of our commute. For motorcyclists, riding in construction zones can be especially hazardous. motorcycleaccident

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, there were approximately 68,000 collisions reported in work zones nationwide. A higher proportion of fatal work zone crashes occur on the interstates, followed by urban arterials. Motorcyclists in construction zones have to continuously scan for debris, milled road surfaces, steel plates, loose gravel, road sealants and other dangers that could result in an edge trap (a sudden cut or drop in the road that might catch the tire of the bike).

We’re seeing more of these instances as construction picks up and we have more people riding motorcycles than ever before. The Federal Highway Pavement Monitoring System reports there was a 90 percent uptick in motorcycle registrations between 1997 and 2007, and motorcycle crashes overall make up an increasing percent of roadway fatalities and serious injuries. Just recently, a motorcyclist critically hurt in a construction zone settled his lawsuit against the state DOT, its construction contractor and a dump truck driver for $18.5 million.  Continue reading

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